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Pokorny Sales & Mfg. Is an OEM Automotive Relay  Manufacturer. Our only product is electrical relays for the automotive industry. For over thirty years, we have supplied OEM manufacturers such as GM, Chrysler, Hyster, Freightliner as well as diversified customers in the Heavy Equipment, Specialty Vehicles, Off-Road and aftermarket and export distributors.

We have strived through continuous quality improvement to deliver components which exceed customer requirements. Our In-House product life testing lab is available for R & D to assist our customers in application, technical and electrical verification in product reliability.

Our Engineering, Quality Assurance and Sales Staff is available to assist in providing product information and conformance requirements for any customer specified application.

Our products are warranted to provide control of inductive, resistive and motor loads with varying amperage ratings. Products are available in 6, 12, 24 and 36 Vdc operating voltages. Relays are available in the following contact configurations: SPST Normally Open Contact, SPST Normally Closed Contact, SPST Dual Contact Output and SPDT Change Over Contact. All Products have various  options: Plug-In, PCB, Bracket attachment, Sealed or Weatherproof cover.

For specific requirements to meet your needs contact our sales group to receive technical data sheets.

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